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Commonwealth Ports Authority

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CPA is composed of the following departments :


CPA Comprehensive Directory:

CPA Board of Directors

Kimberlyn King-Hinds (Tinian) Chairwoman of the Board
Roman T. Tudela (Saipan) Vice Chairman
Thomas P. Villagomez (Saipan) Secretary
Barrie C. Toves (Rota) Member
Pete P. Reyes (Saipan) Member
Joseph M. Diaz (Saipan) Member
Ramon A. Tebuteb (Saipan) Member

Saipan International Airport/Port of Saipan

Department Head Department Phone Fax  
Mr. Christopher S Tenorio, Executive Director Administration 237‑6500 234‑5962  
Mr. Edward B. Mendiola, Deputy Director   237‑6500 234‑5962  
Mr. Joseph M. Hallahan, Staff Attorney   237-6500 234-5962  
Mr. William C. Camacho, Saipan Airport Manager   237-6500 234-5962  
Ms. Jadene A Villagomez, Office Manager / Board Secretary   237‑6500 234‑5962  
Ms. JoyAnn  Deleon Guerrero, ELCO Enforcement/Lease Compliance 237‑6500 664‑3595  
Ms. Lorna  Tenorio, HR Administrator Human Resources 237‑6500 234‑5962  
Ms. Skye A. Hofschneider, Comptroller Accounting 237‑6508 664‑3595  
Ms. Ida S. DeBrum, Accounting Manager   237‑6508 664‑3595  
Mr. Alejandro C. Tudela, Procurement Officer   237‑6508 664‑3595  
Ms. Wendi L Prater, Executive Assistant / Project Manager Engineering 237‑6500 234-5962  
Mr. Fermin R. Flores, CADD Operator   237‑6500 234-5962  
Mr. Rodney SM. Taisacan, Harbor Master/Port of Saipan Manager Port of Saipan 664‑3550 322‑4710  
Mr. Anthony S. Camacho, Asst. Port of Saipan Manager   664‑3554 322‑4710  
Mr. Juan T. Dela Cruz, Chief Ports Police 237‑6528 288‑5572  
Mr. Melvin  Manahane, Asst. Chief for Administration and Training   237‑6529 288‑5572  
Mr. Juan T. Rebuenog, Asst. Chief for Operations   237‑6529 288‑5572  
Mr. Frederick A. Pangelinan, Fire Chief ARFF 288‑0091 664‑3568  
Mr. John  Aguon, Asst. Fire Chief for Operations   288-0091 664‑3568  
Mr. Philip  Aldan, Asst. Fire Chief for Administration and Training   288-0091 664‑3568  
Mr. Joaquin  Kileleman, Supervisor AOA 237‑6535 664‑3502  
Mr. B.J.  Songao, Asst. Supervisor   237‑6535 664‑3502  
Mr. Dennis Cruz, Supervisor Terminal Maintenance 237‑6500 234‑5962  
Mr. Manny  Borja, Asst. Supervisor   237‑6500 234‑5962  
Mr. Steven Llagas, BHS Foreman   288-3500 234-5962  
Mr. Chris  Songao, Supervisor Custodial 237‑6525 234‑5962  
Mr. Norman  Redor, Asst. Supervisor   237‑6525 234‑5962  

Benjamin Taisacan Manglona International Airport/Rota West Harbor

Department Head Department Phone Fax  
Ms. Sharlene  Manglona, Rota Ports Manager Administration 532‑9497 532‑9499  
VACANT    Rota West Harbor 532‑9489 532‑9469  
Mr. Roger  Taisacan, Asst. Chief Ports Police / ARFF 532‑9596 532-9499  
Ms. Patty  Beth Hocog, Supervisor Flight Service 532‑9498 532‑9500  

Tinian International Airport/Tinian Port

Department Head Department Phone Fax  
Mr. Antonio L. Borja, Tinian Ports Manager Administration 433‑9294 433‑0790  
Mr. Gerald K.  Crisostomo, Asst. Ports Manager   433‑9294 433‑0790  
Mr. John  Mithnoy, Asst. Chief Ports Police / ARFF 433‑9296 433‑0790  
Ms.  Natasha  Morgan, Supervisor Flight Service 433‑9295 433‑0790